LAgen Laboratories was founded in 2015 with the goal of making human iPSC derived RPE cells readily available to academic and pharmaceutical researchers. Our goal is to be your source for differentiation of human iPSCs to RPE cells. We want to free you from the burden of generating RPE cells so that you can do research on RPE cells! To do this, we will not only provide you with access to a variety of iPSC lines from healthy and diseased donors, as well as differentiation services, but we also offer optimized cell culture media, media supplements, RPE specific reagents and kits, and technical assistance.

Got a question about using human iPSC-RPE in an experiment? Shoot us an email (support@lagenlabs.com) and we’ll do our best to help you optimize your experimental design and acquire the cells and reagents you need.

Interested in “disease in a dish” models? We have access to a large collection of iPSCs that includes donors carrying defined mutations and polymorphisms found in single gene and complex genetic disorders. Have your own an iPSC line that you’d like to differentiate to RPE? Our custom services may be the answer. In short, LAgen Laboratories is your “one stop RPE shop!”