Accumax is necessary for breaking iPSC-RPE cells into a single cell suspension during passage.

Accumax is a solution of proteolytic and collagenolytic enzymes formulated at a concentration ideal for the following applications:

-Creating single cell suspensions from clumped cell cultures for accurate cell counting
-Dissociation of spheroids into single cell suspensions
-Extension of sort times of clumpy cell samples on a fluorescence activated cell sorter
-Removal of cells from primary tissue and the routine detachment of sticky cells from standard tissue culture plasticware and adhesion coated plasticware

In addition to LAgen Laboratories iPSC-RPE cells, cell lines tested for Accumax applications includes fibroblasts, keratinocytes, vascular endothelial cells, hepatocytes, vascular smooth muscle cells, hepatocyte progenitors, primary chick embryo neuronal cells, bone marrow stem cells, adherent CHO and BHK cells, macrophages, 293 cells, L929 cells, immortalized mouse testicular germ cells, MRC5, 3T3, Vero, COS, HeLa, NT2, MG63, M24 and A375 metastatic melanoma, gliomas U251, D54, HT1080 fibrosarcoma cells, Sf9 insect cells, human embryonic stem cells, human mesenchymal stem cells and human neural stem cells. Accumax does not contain mammalian or bacterial derived products.

cat# 17-AM105-01 Accumax – 100ml bottle



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