Retinal pigment epithelial cells (RPE) derived from induced pluripotent stem cells are superior to immortalized and transformed RPE cell lines in many ways. These cells produce pigmented monolayers of epithelial cells with classic RPE “hexagonal or cobblestone” appearance, and express RPE marker proteins such as Bestrophin 1 (Best1), RPE65, and CRALBP. LAgen Laboratories offers the service of differentiation of iPSCs to RPE cells. Our differentiated RPE cells are of the highest quality and are grown in an iso7 cleanroom.

Uses: Human iPSC-RPE cells are for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY and are suitable for a variety of applications including:
– Drug screening
– Toxicity testing
– Disease modeling
– Assays of RPE physiology
– Assays of phagocytosis

Examples of cell appearance and protein marker expression:

– Cells are shipped in T25 Flasks and can be split once by the user into any desired format.

– LAgen Laboratories can also custom plate cells for you on permeable supports, multiwell plates (up to 384 wells), or coverslips.


LAgen Laboratories can differentiate iPSCs that you supply, or from our extensive list of available iPSCs. For most uses we recommend the iPSC line 006-BIOTR-0001 clone 1. These cells are from a 21 year old female Caucasian donor. For pricing and donor information or to obtain a license for one or more of our iPSC lines please inquire at Sales@lagenlabs.com