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PLTMax® Human Platelet Lysate PLTMax100R – Research Grade

PLTMax® Human Platelet Lysate is a superior alternative to FBS for human cell culture. In our experience PLTMax® is an excellent cost effective alternative to FBS for use in maintenance of differentiated iPSC-RPE cells. PLTMax® is also a more consistent product than FBS so there is no need to lot test!

Benefits of PLTMax®:

-More cost effective alternative to serum free media
-Human product for human cells -Manufactured to reduce lot-to-lot variation
-Reduced supplementation (PLTMax® is used at 4% for iPSC-RPE culture)
-Contains more than 100 growth factors and proteins
-Enhances genetic stability in stem cell cultures
-Is available in a clinical grade for use in human clinical trials

PLTMax® is derived from normal human donor platelets collected at U.S. blood centers. Platelets used in manufacture of PLTMax® met eligibility criteria at the time of their collection as defined by AABB Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Service and the Food and Drug Administration. Multiple donor units are pooled in large batch sizes and manufactured to produce a consistent product. Heparin (porcine) approved for human intravenous use is used in the preparation of PLTMax®. The product contains human derived materials and must be treated as potentially infectious. Universal precautions for biological samples should be used in handling and disposal.

PLTMax® is manufactured by Mill Creek Life Sciences in Rochester, MN, USA.

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