RPE Quality Control Kit

These are the same high quality antibodies that we use to confirm expression of RPE marker proteins in our quality control assays. We recommend that if you choose to split your iPSC-RPE cells, that you perform a quality control assay 30 days after the split to confirm that you have an RPE phenotype. This kit provides 6 antibodies for use in western blots and/or immunolocalization assays and is available in 2 sizes. The antibodies included are:

  • Mouse monoclonal Bestrophin 1 (E6-6)
  • Mouse monoclonal RPE65 (401.8B11.3D9)
  • Mouse monoclonal CRALBP (B2)
  • Rabbit polyclonal Serpin F1/PEDF
  • Goat polyclonal Mer polyclonal
  • Mouse monoclonal ß-actin (AC-15, included as a loading control)

Cat# 001-RPE-QC-E: Economy kit containing 25μg or 25μl of each antibody – $709/kit

Cat# 001-RPE-QC-S: Standard kit containing 100μg or 100 μl of each antibody – $1689/kit


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